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We began discussions with Anthem over a year ago. This should have given both sides plenty of time to come to a mutually-beneficial agreement, but unfortunately Anthem has not shared our same priorities. We invested in Brownsburg Hospital to make affordable, high-quality care available where it’s needed. However, Anthem has shown less interest and instead put Hendricks Regional Health, and the people we serve, in a very difficult situation.

Our contracts with major insurance companies, like Anthem, have a huge impact on our ability to provide high-quality, patient-centered care to our communities. When we have fair and balanced contracts in place with insurance companies, and are paid appropriately, we’re better able to provide market-competitive compensation to our employees, invest in our facilities to provide leading edge treatment, and deliver an exceptional patient experience to our patients and their families.


We put our patients first, and we need Anthem to do the same. Anthem has demanded an 80% cut in payment rates at Brownsburg Hospital, which is far less than what they pay any of our other Hendricks Regional Health facilities, or they will keep us out of network. If Anthem has worked with us on mutually-beneficial agreements before, why can’t they now?

Hendricks Regional Health is the first choice for complex, compassionate care in the communities we serve. We are accredited by Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program, and were granted Magnet® status by the American Nurses Credentialing Center. Our focus on community support, our physicians and associates, and our quality of care, is truly remarkable and sets us apart tom other healthcare providers.


Anthem has not been reasonable, and they have not negotiated in good faith with us. People in Brownsburg have been dealing with uncertainty about in-network access and what their care will cost for too long now.

We hope Anthem shares our position to put patients first, and that our common goals drive us to an agreement.