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We understand that this situation can be stressful, and we share your concern. However, you do have options to ensure you have access to affordable care at Brownsburg Hospital.

  • Call Anthem today. Call Anthem today and express your frustration over this situation. Demand for them to work with us to reach an agreement that puts Brownsburg Hospital in your network.
  • Talk to your employer. Ask your employer to explore other health insurance options that include Brownsburg Hospital in their network, or consider moving to your spouse’s insurance. If you have options, consider switching to a health plan that guarantees your in-network access to Brownsburg Hospital.
  • Don’t give up. This situation may be unfair, but we have to believe that Anthem will eventually do the right thing if they hear from enough of their members. They must understand how it affects the community to keep Brownsburg Hospital out of network, especially when the community wants access to affordable, high-quality care.